Meet Vincent

A FrenchIE living in THE U.S.

Hi, I’m Vincent. I strongly believe that technology is a medium to give equitable access to information, and inclusivity is the key.

I’m based in Boston MA, but originally hail from the town of Nantes, France.

Since March 2019, I'm leading Ecommerce operations at Busy Beauty, and managing UX Design by providing the best customer journey to increase the conversion rate while keeping a smooth and satisfying experience.

In my ex-lives, I created an innovative marketplace called Yearn, helping people to easily find creative workshops and DIY experiences near them. It was as well an opportunity for artisans to share their skills and knowledge. Also, I've led the digital branding of AMP VISUAL TV, a 150-million dollars Audiovisual Business.

Aside from all this, I live to play music. When I was young, my fingers were too short for playing saxophone, so I started music with the cello. Now I'm still playing saxophone, but added on top of it the piano. I always dreamt to play my favorite soundtracks.

Thanks for stopping by.