CEO & Co-Founder
Web Magazine & Marketplace


CEO & Co-Founder

Web Magazine visited by more than 100,000 passionate people monthly, covering all the topics surrounding the practice of Do It Yourself. Additionally, I co-founded Yearn, a marketplace gathering professionals desiring to showcase their creative workshops, and people willing to book a seat.

The Web Magazine

Yearn's adventure started with Yearn Magazine (WordPress), a web magazine fully dedicated to each DIY practice. Do It Yourself isn't all about making, it's a lifestyle, a state of mind, that's mainly why we've reached a peak of more than 100,000 visitors a month in less than a year of activity. Backed with a refined SEO strategy, we've produced 850 blog posts, all indexed and targeted on long-tail expressions, avoid direct competition.

Vincent Redor first web magazine called Yearn Magazine dedicated to DIY practices

The website worked as a qualification funnel nurturing visitors into future customers for the future service. By implementing into each post split tested email opts-in each and organising various contests to win DIY products, our list exploded up to 37,000 subscribers (MailChimp).

Instead of embrace a business model fully based on brand partnerships, affiliation commissions, display advertising, we decided that it was time to listen the community (Monkey Surveys). Based on their feedbacks and supported by many market research, we started to imagine a platform to easily book DIY and creative workshops: Yearn.

The Marketplace

To succeed the marketplace should be simple, ergonomic, and informational. Mainly targeted to young women representing 95% of our audience, the branding was heavily inspired by them. Take a look to the Hero Image, and you will understand.

Homepage of Yearn, a Vincent Redor's web project