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Use Case

Busy Beauty


Busy Beauty, a Boston MA-based startup, designs and produces wet wipes to help women get fresh fast. Challenging established brands on the personal care market, the company is pushing forward the quality and effectiveness of cleansing wipes.

Bootstrapped in 2016 by Jamie STEENBACKERS and Michael LEAHY, both Babson College's alumni, the company relies on retailers like CVS, Beauty Brands, Bed Bath & Beyond, Dillard's, etc. to sell wet wipes to the mass market and develop brand awareness and recognition.

Busy Beauty's main challenge is to establish itself as a reference when it comes to freshening up when there is no bathroom while replacing the waste produced by companies selling non-degradable wet wipes.

Reaching out to me, Michael and Jamie wanted from me to took full ownership of their e-commerce platform and taking it from an elementary site to a robust channel of their business.

Migrating D2C Platform

It all started with a simple landing page, allowing Busy Beauty to challenge their product-market fit, that became a e-commerce website showcasing the entire product line.

Michael specifically expressed his desire to embrace a better-suited direct-to-consumer (D2C) solution than the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress by migrating the current website to Shopify. So, we settled on using GEM Pages, a Shopify page builder, to design the home page, product pages, collection pages, and numerous static pages, to be sure that the new platform will be fully responsive and adapted to mobile users. To achieve it, I managed two front-end developers used to Liquid's Shopify open-source coding language.

In the process, customers' data have been imported and cleaned up. Additionally, a few legal pages were missing, so I produced fresh privacy policy and terms of service pages.

Rationalizing Product Line

When Busy Beauty launched their wet wipes, they had no idea how big the product would become. At one point, wet wipes alone were driving 92% of our e-commerce revenue. To leverage this massive opportunity, I recommended establishing Busy Beauty as a company dedicated to selling best-in-class wet wipes.

As we pivoted the product line to wet wipes, I wanted to bring more variety for customers while decreasing dependency due to the only 6-pack format available at the time. So, I worked closely with Jamie, in charge of product development, to bring new sizes and scents providing a better solution to different use cases. We came up with new Deodorant Wipes, Face Wipes, Gigantic Body Wipes, and several new exotic scents along with unscented wipes.

With all these improvements, the new product line is now starting at $9.99 up to $69.99 (for the most expansive bundle), and the opportunity to subscribe and get a 25% discount.

EnhancING User Experience

Shipment Tracking System

To step up the user experience, I leveraged the AfterShip shipment tracking service, resulting in twice less time spent on customer service's related questions. Furthermore, this page improved repurchase rate by promoting other products.

Subscriptions & Dashboard

To hep the company being more profitable by increasing the Lifetime Value Customer (LTV), we decided to implement subscriptions (along with a customer portal) on all available products, while giving a 25% discount to customers. It has been a game-changer resulting in a 6-month and half customer retention. Furthermore, establishing a Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) is a tangible financial metric for investors, especially since Busy Beauty is in constant fundraising.

I have to mention that pre-checking the subscription option drove numbers up, however we received a few complains from customers who have inadvertently subscribed. I solved the problem by highlighting selected option thanks to a pinked framed.

The customer dashboard is another important addition this D2C website. Likewise all regular e-commerce websites customers can see their past orders and update personal information. Since we decided to implement subscription, we needed an enhanced dashboard to offer to our customers a brand-new experience. They can now add or remove products on the next shipment, postpone it, change the shipment date and frequency, and simply cancel subscription if desired.

By giving the customer way more freedom than previously, we enriched the experience while improving all e-commerce KPIs. Win-Win.

Marketing Automation

Part of the Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) efforts, I designed from scratch the email and sms/mms automation workflows. The ultimate goal was to continuously nurture prospects and customers by providing educational content, social proof, and product launches, while pushing up e-commerce KPIs as Lifetime Customer Value, Repeat Purchase Rate, Shopping Cart Value, etc.

Perfectly integrated to Shopify and AfterShip, I selected Klaviyo as my go-to Email Automation software to create the workflows and refine the customer journey. An easy way to manage all e-commerce notifications such as Cart Abandonment and Orders Shipment, while up-selling and increasing repeat purchases.

After some benchmark, I finally chose SMS Bump to organise the sms/mms automation system thanks to its seamless integration with Shopify. But after a few months, I decided to gather the whole system into Klaviyo as the editor officially released native support for sms/mms automation, making the whole system way more efficient by sending sms when emails were not opened.

Revenue Growth

Thanks to the migration to a more powerful D2C platform, the product line rationalization, various user experience enhancements, and marketing automation efforts, revenue grew significantly. Keep in mind that we were partnering as well with a Digital Advertising Specialist to help the company grow and attract more qualified leads from advertising on social media.

“Vincent took full ownership of our e-commerce platform and taking it from an elementary site to a robust channel of our business.”
- Michael LEAHY, Co-founder of Busy Beauty